At Lucky 7 Farm Our Mission . . .

is to share our knowledge of grassroots, down home living with anyone willing to get their hands a little dirty. We want our friends,  family and neighbors to build strong relationships with the land here and all the animals and plants that grow on it.  It is an art, it is stress relief and it is what we love.  We hope you will join us.

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We Love to teach others what is most important to us.

Lucky 7 Farm was a dream Josh and Jenny envisioned that has come to life from hours of hard work, laughter and tears. Josh loves farming, nature, hiking and fishing. He is a lover of all animals and can tell you about each one and what makes them unique. Jenny is a registered health and wellness coach with a focus on using nature and the outdoors to ground your mind, body and spirit. We both enjoy organic gardening and using our natural surroundings to create a more rewarding, less stressful lifestyle!

We were very fortunate to find our little spot in the woods. Seventeen acres that we now call home. With our blended family of five kids and ourselves, we created the farm name of “Lucky 7”.

Since purchasing the farm we have added honey bees, ducks, turkeys, chickens, sheep, goats and pigs into our mix. This year we have added garden boxes for vegetables and flowers. With barn cats and dogs roaming about we can for certain say this is homesteading at its finest.

If you believe in hard work and have a passion for nature and farming, we would be so happy to welcome you to our “Cozy Cabin in the Woods” and show you how it’s done!