Custom Butchering

We Process – Big Game – Poultry – Pigs – Goats – Sheep

All of the animals offered at Lucky 7 Farm are grown and cared for with love and respect.

Big game price sheet Deer Bear Moose

$1 per pound hanging weight with a $75 minimum


Included in price per pound 100% deboned meat, 4mil vacuum packaging, labeling and twice ground burger.


Extra charge: $30 fee for gutting, this fee is automatically applied if any entrails remain in the carcasses. To include, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, anus, bladder or reproductive organs.


Cape skinning: $25 fee for skinning for head or shoulder mount

Rug skinning: $75

Bulk sausage: $3.50lb any flavor Ground pork added.

Linked sausage: $4.50lb any flavor, ground pork added. 10lb minimum per flavor

Smoked sausage: $7.00lb any flavo, ground pork added. 5lb minimum per flavor

Jerky: $7.00lb any flavor. 5lb minimum


All meat must be picked up within 24 hours of notifications that your meat is ready. A $50.00 a day charge will be applied to all orders after 24 hours.  After 3 days orders will be donated to local food pantry.


Cash check Venmo or PayPal are accepted, 4% surcharge on cards.


We do accept out of state big game, please call for specific instructions.


Lucky 7 Farm will refuse any and all questionable carcasses.


Bear hunters, please bring your harvest to the cooler immediately after recovery and request that F&G meet you here for sealing.


NH deer and turkey  check station hours and certified scales hours: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm . After hours check in are by appointment only.

Josh has 25 years as an experienced Butcher, producing quality cuts of meat. Respect and care is given to your animal recognizing the sacrifice it is giving to feed you and your family. We offer deer and turkey registration along with quality processing. Please feel free to come check out our shop and ask questions.

Lucky 7 Farm Custom Butchering

Slaughter Fee:

Includes slaughter, skin, gut, quarter and disposal


Beef- $130.00

Pigs (under 250# hanging weight)-$65.00

Pigs (over 250# hanging weight)- $85.00

Lamb, Goat, Sheep-$60.00

Chickens $7.00 per bird (total fee) $75.00 minimum

Turkeys $14.00 per bird (total fee) $75.00 minimum


Processing Fee: Hanging Weight

Includes hanging, vacuum seal, labeled, meat will be frozen at pickup



Lamb, Goat, Sheep- $1.15lb

Pigs-$ .85lb

Minimum processing fee $60.00


Bulk Sausage $2.50lb

Casings $3.00lb.


Smoked Meat $ $3.00lb


All meat must be picked up 48 hours after being notified it is finished.  Cash or check is greatly appreciated.  A 4% surcharge will be applied to all credit card sales.

Travel charge for onsite processing will be assessed per location.


Custom Processing

Sausage flavors


Fresh; Breakfast, maple breakfast, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian

Smoked: summer sausage ( garlic, pepper, regular)

Snack sticks ( hot, pepper, teriyaki, BBQ, regular)




Jerky flavors

Hot, sweet and spicy, maple

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